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What We Believe

We believe you need 4 building blocks you need to achieve your mission in the digital age.


Purpose is your vision, mission, values, ethics and goals. It’s why you exist.

People are all of the human resources you engage to achieve your objectives.

Platform refers to the tools you use to empower your brand to achieve its purpose.

Process defines your business activities that control how effectively you operate.

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Learn a proven business development framework that will help you grow your business in the digital age we live in through purpose, people, platform and process. The growth of your business depends on it!

Problems We Solve.

We solve problems within digital media that are keeping you from achieving your mission.

Problem #1
Outsourcing all your digital marketing can get expensive…very expensive!

For most small to medium-sized businesses, digital media is a critical aspect of marketing, however it can come at a significant cost if you outsource most of it. If you can or need to outsource, it can make sense, but it’s still important to have a solid understanding of what you are paying for and how to hold everyone accountable to results. Our training is designed to equipped you with proven strategies that can help guide your relationship with your vendors in order to maximize your return-on-investment. We can also chat each we or one-on-one to help answers questions and provide guidance with your digital media strategies.

Problem #2
Empowering Your Internal Staff to Leverage Digital Media Without Losing Productivity

We’ve found that most digital media training opportunities come in the form of conferences, out-of-office seminars or online training that is heavily fragmented into technical aspects and tactics. The major problem here is the countless hours outside of the office spent learning, but not selling or marketing. Whether you are the owner of a small business and you are doing the marketing or you have a marketing team, this becomes costly and ultimately becomes a liability. People move on and take the knowledge with them. The knowledge, tactics and strategies gained through the companies investment can be wasted. This is why we have developed our training community to allow you to add all the members of your marketing team within our private Google + community. Each member will receive the same order or training videos and will have access to our team each week on a Google + Hangout session. It’s on-demand training and support that supports marketing teams at home, on the road or in the office.

Problem #3
Finding Digital Strategies Focused on Business Objectives in a World of Information Overload

Learning new digital strategies that thoroughly focus on achieving business objectives can be very difficult to find even with the ever-growing sea of online content centered around marketing tips and strategies. We’ve done our research and found a majority of videos to either be promotional or only focusing on technical aspects of a larger, more whole, digital media strategy. This make it extremely difficult for you and your staff to determine what’s worth watching/reading and more importantly, what’s relevant for your business case. Our training approach focuses on business objectives first and showing you how to build and execute the strategy to achieve your business objectives. For example, a topic of one of our training videos is “How to increase your lead conversion rate by 2100% in 30 days or less”.

Problem #4
Determining What’s Working and What’s Not with Your Digital Marketing

The old adage is “50% of my marketing is isn’t working, I just don’t know which 50%”. Even in today’s age, we’ve found many companies asking the same question about their digital marketing. We hear statements such as “We’re still not sure what kind of ROI we get from social media” or “We want to start ranking on the first page of Google for XYZ terms”. These types of statements are common and indicate either a lack of accountability with digital vendors or lack of a proper system to measure success in line with the business objectives. Our thorough training videos will guide you in not just determining what to track for your business, but specifically how to track it. You’ll also have the option to connect one-on-one with our digital business advisors to collaborate on strategies that are right for you. We will also provide guidance on what’s working, what’s not and how to fix it to see a return-on-investment.

Our Digital Media Training Solutions.

Everything you need to achieve your mission and achieve real business objectives through digital media.

Premium Digital Media Training

Experiencing a return-on-investment from your digital efforts goes way beyond learning technical aspects. Our training approach is focused on delivering actionable strategies, not just tactics, that you can use right away without being a techie. We deliver our training through video within our community. Each strategy we share will use our proven and proprietary model centered around Purpose, People, Platform and Process. We will not only show you how to design and document each strategy, but also how to execute so you can empower yourself and your team to achieve the results.


Expert Digital Strategy Support

Having a community of advisors to support you in your digital media efforts is a critical foundation for turning opportunities into actual results. Instead of spending hours on end Googling to find the answer your looking for, challenge our team of digital media experts to do the work for you. If we don’t know the answer, we will do our best to find it. We also host regular Google Hangout sessions providing you with the opportunity to ask questions directly and to collaborate with our team of advisors to help you excel in your digital media strategy.

Digital Tools and Templates

Finding the right tools and resources to support your digital media efforts can be a full-time job. The digital landscape is changing daily. We are constantly compiling, curating and vetting new tools, templates, information and news to deliver what is relevant and most importantly, helpful to our members. Our digital resource library compiles everything from free tools, software, useful coupon codes, e-books, opportunities and more. The goal is to equipped you with all of the right digital media resources while giving you the time you need to focus on achieving your mission.


Objective-Based Digital Training

Covering all of the areas you need to leverage digital media to achieve actual business objectives.

Generating Leads

Converting Leads

Generating Referrals

Automate Marketing

Working Efficiently

Measuring Success

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