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We are a digital marketing company helping brands connect with their community for a greater good.


We believe in the power of community.

We develop brands and offer services that help organizations connect purposefully with the community that can help them achieve their goals. We operate by 4 main principles that help any brand achieve their goals through their community. These principles are purpose, people, platform and process. As a company, we focus on the right blend of people and technology to provide you with a foundation to help you achieve your goals through your community. To achieve your vision, you are going to need the leverage the power of community. We are here to make it happen.

We believe…

Brands are a vehicle for achieving a vision
Brands need to engage their community for a greater good
Brands need purpose, people, platform and process to win

Jason VerdelliCEO


Jason is the founder and CEO of Phase 2 Solutions and the creator of community-driven brands such as Social HubSite, Idea HubSite, Company HubSite, Send Email Blast and Planet GRAD. As a social media and branding expert, his vision is to help people and organizations unite with the community around them for a greater good. He thrives on creating strategies that allow brands to move forward and grow and has spent the past decade doing just that. Jason understands what it takes to stand out among the competition by reaching and connecting with the community surrounding various brands.

Tony DarcangeloCFO


As CFO of Phase 2 Solutions, Tony brings over 20 years of experience to the table and plays a strategic role in the management of the company. With extensive expertise in the areas of strategic planning, business development and overall brand strategy, he is highly effective at creating visions that produce positive end results for Phase 2 Solutions’ clients. He is also instrumental at recruiting, mentoring and retaining professional talent for Phase 2 Solutions’ staffing division.

Greg BairCOO


Greg Bair, COO of Phase 2 Solutions is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in IT operations and development. He is known for his diverse background and for successful project implementation and long-term management. Greg has experience with various sized companies in a wide-range of industries and works to make sure Phase 2 Solutions’ client strategies are successfully developed and implemented. He believes in knocking down preexisting barriers with cutting-edge strategies and solutions.

Bill MorganVP of Corporate Sales


Vice President of Corporate Sales for Phase 2 Solutions Bill Morgan has over 25 years of experience in the sales and information technology. He is accustomed to recognizing needs and providing solutions for businesses ranging from small family operations to multi-million dollar corporations. He is known for staying at the forefront of technology while cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships with companies seeking guidance. He believes in helping clients stay competitive in their markets and knows what makes Phase 2 Solutions’ clients successful.

Laura PyneCommunity Outreach


As the Community Outreach Coordinator for Phase 2 Solutions, Laura brings years of experience in corporate and non-profit public relations as well as content creation and editing to the table. She’s an accomplished professional that understands the importance of staying on top of new technology and developing unique strategies that help Phase 2 Solutions’ clients stand out. She believes in developing strong relationships with clients while providing short and long-term solutions that are focused, maintainable and applicable to various situations and circumstances.

Jennifer TillmannEmail Marketing


With over a decade of design experience, Jennifer brings her creative expertise to Phase 2 Solutions’ team. Jennifer has accumulated a diverse portfolio that has targeted a multitude of unique audiences. Her broad knowledge of the design industry is an asset, as she plays an active role in designing material that makes Phase 2 Solutions’ clients stand out. She is known for building strong client relationships while creating content that exceeds expectations.

Tom CastanzoBrand Design


With over 20 years of experience in the art direction and graphic design arena, Tom Castanzo founded Afire Creative Group with one goal in mind—to exceed client expectations. In addition to being involved in projects for companies like Time Warner, Disney Televentures and Twentieth Century Fox, Tom has produced award-winning work for various clients and continues to utilize that skill set on each and every project.

Jogi DaitaTechnology Advisor


With close to 20 years of experience in the technology world, Jogi serves as Phase 2 Solutions’ Technology Advisor. His proven business and strategic leadership skills allow Phase 2 Solutions to develop and deliver practical technology tactics for large and mid-sized clients. Jogi believes in creating and enabling calculated vision while nurturing and growing teams and developing strong client/partner relationships.

Joel Kline, Ph.DCommunity Strategist


Kline, co-founding professor of the DigiComm Department, owned a digital media company and held elected office prior to entering academia. He continues to consult and conduct research in the areas of user experience, social media, Technical Communications, Web 2.0, and innovation. As a consultant, Kline has helped clients develop online communities of practice; create a Social Media for Business strategic plan; deploy Microsoft SharePoint for a corporate knowledge management system; build iPad and mobile apps; and improve corporate web presences through analytics,heat maps, and usability testing. He teaches courses in user experience, e-business, innovation, strategy, and project management. Accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America, he also serves as treasurer of the International Digital Media Arts Association. He is the community facilitator for the Society of Technical Communication’s Body of Knowledge (BOK) project. Kline blogs and tweets on technology, communities, and innovation topics and has presented on such interesting subjects as “What the (Bleep) is the Cloud?” Kline has bachelor’s degrees in biology and philosophy, a master’s of journalism, and a doctorate in technical communications and rhetoric.


Our services are designed to help your organization succeed through the power of your community.

Phase 2 Solutions’ customer oriented approach and strategic vision has led to exceptional results for us. They are a market leader in online development and boast an exceptional record for top-notch results.

Pam Barbush

Gunn Mowery Insurance
Digital Marketing Services


When breathing life into a brand, nothing is more important than strategy. From plans for brand development to social media and content visions and tactics, Phase 2 Solutions believes in creating plans for achieving short and long term goals while creating benchmarks to track progress and evaluate results every step of the way.


Sometimes programs and applications to create the brand feel and reputation you’re looking for just aren’t available through traditional means. In this case, Phase 2 Solutions’ branding experts work with expert developers to create sites, networks and communities that thrive while building brand ambassadors that cannot be cultivated elsewhere. If your brand is in need of a makeover, our developers are capable of creating sites that will make an impact.


In today’s world, social media is the new cornerstone of many businesses. But, finding reliable, experienced social media experts is a common obstacle to those unfamiliar with the programs and possibilities social media has to offer. Phase 2 Solutions is experienced in working with companies to understand the needs that exist while providing reliable, pre-vetted social media experts to fill necessary roles.


We create brands that empower you to connect with the community that can help you achieve your goals.


Send Video Email is a simple, yet powerful, solution for making a real human connection through email. The Send Video Email platform gives you the ability to easily record a video, send it to your contacts and be notified when your contacts watch the video. The simple and fast design behind the video email record and sending tool make it easy to send video emails in seconds. The Send Video Email brand was developed to help people and organizations make a deeper impact with the people around them. As we all know, it is difficult to break through the clutter and scattered nature of email. Video email brings a human element to communication that breaks through all of the barriers that keep you from getting your message across effectively.

Name: Send Video Email
Launched: March 2014
Category: Video Email Platform
Launch Website

Social Media Help Center is your social media support team. It saves you the time, money and headache around using digital technology and strategy to enhance your business. The system is designed around a question and answer format allowing you to ask an unlimited number of questions on a wide variety of topics. Everything from social networking, web development, software to feedback on your own strategy. You can make your answers private so only the experts are able to respond, or open your question to the entire community of motivated individuals. You’ll even get video responses from experts to assure you receive quality answers that you can turn into tangible results.

Name: Social Media Help Center
Launched: March 2014
Category: Social Media Support System
Launch Website
Social Website Builder

Social HubSite is a Customer Engagement Platform that is designed to make it easier for companies to engage their customers. The turnkey system integrates a blog with all of the necessary integrations to effectively make an impact on an existing community. It integrates everything from video publishing, email marketing (for new posts) and social network sharing into a clean and simple interface. The product also has a mobile app available in both the iTunes Store and Google Play. The purpose of simplicity and mobility in the architecture of the product is to increase publishing consistency and impact of message with the clients community. All factors necessary in the first phase of engaging a brand community.

Name: Social HubSite
Launched: October 2011
Category: Community Engagement Platform
Launch Website
Enterprise Collaboration Platform
Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Company HubSite is an Enterprise Collaboration Platform designed to keep everyone in a company on the same page. The major challenge just about every company faces is assuring that everyone in the company has a clear idea of what’s going on inside company departments and the company as a whole. Filling this gap in communication is critical to increase productivity, morale and to simply have a common understanding for the direction of the company. Everything from the systems design to the automatic notifications are designed to keep the entire company up-to-date without the headache of solely relying on email.

Name: Company HubSite
Launched: December 2013
Category: Enterprise Collaboration Platform
Launch Website
Customer Feedback System

Idea HubSite is a Customer Feedback System designed to make it easier for organizations to improve their brand through idea generation and feedback from their customers and fans. It does this with a turnkey forum software that goes beyond your typical forum. Its simple, yet sophisticated, design encourages visitors and members to publish everything from thoughts, ideas, suggestions, issues and testimonials all in one place. It also allows members to send private messages with each other and follow discussions thus creating a sense of community among an otherwise unrelated group of people. It serves as a great tool for handling customer issues, testimonial generation, suggestion archiving and more.

Name: Idea HubSite
Launched: November 2013
Category: Customer Feedback System
Launch Website
Customer Feedback System
Planet GRAD
Planet GRAD

Planet Grad is a Campus Community Platform designed to help college students get jobs by providing schools with an online community that connects students directly to employers, alumni, career services, faculty and administrators. The system makes it easy for students to post a profile, their resume, privately communicate with career service representatives and employers. It gives the school completely visibility what jobs students are applying for as well as full access to communicate with employers on the system thus removing the typical headache of verifying valid job placement. In a nutshell, the system provides the mechanism for schools to increase job placement rates which is a critical factor in whether for-profit schools continue to receive federal aid.

Name: Planet GRAD
Launched: August 2012
Category: Student Job Placement Solution for Schools
Launch Website
Email Marketing Software

Send Email Blast is a Email Marketing Management Service designed to help organizations develop and implement effective email marketing campaigns to achieve their goals. Clients are assigned an email marketing manager that handles every part of the email marketing process. This is a perfect solution for organizations that want to be effective in communicating to their community while also saving the time and hassle of managing their own email marketing campaigns.

Name: Send Email Blast
Launched: May 2009
Category: Simple Email Marketing Software
Launch Website
Social Website Builder


We work relentlessly to assure strategies are executed properly and achieve the results our clients need.


Grasping the principles behind what it takes to achieve your vision through the power of your community.


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