Meet Real Business Objectives
Through Brand Community

We believe that brands achieve real business objectives when they apply the 4 elements that make up their brand community.


Purpose defines your goals, vision, mission and determine how you measure success.


People defines who will help you achieve your brand objectives.


Platform defines the systems you need to support your brand objectives.


Process defines all of the activities that support your brand objectives.

Digital Media Services

We offer a full-range of digital media services from strategy, education and implementation to assure your success.

Digital Media Consulting Services

Digital Media Education Services

Digital Media Services

Our Products

We develop products that help you leverage the power of brand community to achieve your business objectives.


Social HubSite is a cloud-based private online community platform helping you engage, share and connect securely with the people that can help you achieve your mission. Social HubSite brings together an integrated set of world-class publishing and social networking tools that you need in one place to improve the way you communicate with the different groups of people around you.

Campus Online Community Platform

Planet GRAD is an online, customizable community that connects schools, alumni, employers and current students. This one-of-a-kind portal provides employment information, contacts and inspiration for your graduates to remain engaged with your campus community. That’s right…contact can be optimized and strengthened to enhance your school’s mission of graduate employment following campus departure.

Resource Center

Discover how to apply the concept of digital brand community to achieve real business objectives.


3 Steps to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate by 2,100%

Companies are spending nearly 100% more money on digital lead generation than they did 10 years ago while losing over 50% of this potential revenue in the process. Think about it. Think of all the time and money you spend on digital marketing (SEO, blogging, social media, etc.) and how much of that money goes to […]

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Beyond SEO (Lead Generation) – Where do you go from there?

By now you have probably already heard that your website needs to be “search engined optimized (SEO’d)”. In other words, being found at the top of the list when a person searches directly for your product or service on major search engines. For most businesses, this is a critical factor in revenue growth and overall costs-of-sales. […]

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What Every CEO Needs to Know About Their Digital Marketing Strategy

There is a major flaw in the ever-growing world of possibilities of digital media. It’s lack of purpose – goals, mission and vision. I’ve read just about every major research statistic that shows a continued increase in digital marketing budgets in comparison to total company revenue.  Here is an example from Gartner: This upward trend […]

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