Interview: How Chris Brogan, New York Times Best Selling Author, Built His Community

Are you struggling at being well-known as an authority in what you do? Well I believe we all do. I know I do. It’s not easy, but you can start to gain traction at building a real audience when listening to people that have already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Today I am interviewing a person that has done this, and done this very well.

Chris Brogan is the leading authority in the world of social media and human business. Chris is a success story of someone who built a loyal following and applied this to driving his business initiatives. He is a New York Times Best Selling author of books like The Impact Equation and Trust Agents (cowritten with Julien Smith), Social Media 101, and Google Plus for Business. He is Publisher of, a digital magazine dedicated to covering the business curriculum for your future. He is a sought-after speaker who addressed crowds of thousands, been on the Dr. Phil show, and once presented to a princess. Chris has consulted with companies you know like Disney, Microsoft, Coke, Titleist, Pepsico, Google, Motorola, and many others. You can read more about Chris by clicking here.

So let’s dive in…


The Power of Becoming a Community Centric Organization

The world of digital media is quite overwhelming. I’m sure you would agree. Heck, I’m in it and have been for almost 10 years and still have a hard time keeping up. The key is to look at the web as a platform to build a community around your brand. In other words – connect, engage, and influence the right people.

The presentation below will help clarify the way you use the web to achieve your mission and goals. It really gives you a clear picture of the digital landscape and really serve as a framework to help develop your digital marketing strategy. From here you will be able to get a clearer focus on where to spend your time and resource to achieve your overall mission, vision and goals of your organization. Enjoy!


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