People Marketing: Have you drank the Kool-Aid?

People are awesome! People have ideas. People know people. People relate with other people. People can be passionate. People care. People are so many things. Without people, you and I wouldn’t be here. Without the focus on people in your marketing, you become commoditized. You become just another company that sells “blah”. Let’s take a […]

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What does your digital community say about you?

Large social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) are great for expanding your network and to help grow your community, but they fail miserably at 3 things. Purpose. Focus. Value. Go ahead and ask 5 of your friends/colleagues what the purpose of say Facebook is and I bet you will get 5 different answers.  Let’s dive […]

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Why Your Company Needed an Internal Community Yesterday

Keeping everyone in and around your organization on the same page is difficult. Employees. Referral sources. Vendors. The longer that list gets, the harder it becomes to keep everyone on the same page and to maintain the culture in the company that it needs to grow. A study by the Global Business and Economic Roundtable […]

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Interview: How Chris Brogan, New York Times Best Selling Author, Built His Community

Are you struggling at being well-known as an authority in what you do? Well I believe we all do. I know I do. It’s not easy, but you can start to gain traction at building a real audience when listening to people that have already accomplished what you want to accomplish.

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The Power of Becoming a Community Centric Organization

The world of digital media is quite overwhelming. I’m sure you would agree. Heck, I’m in it and have been for almost 10 years and still have a hard time keeping up. The key is to look at the web as a platform to build a community around your brand. In other words – connect, […]

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The 4 Principles of Creating a Culture of Community in a Digital Age

In today’s world the opportunities to communicate and network are mind boggling. Social networks are continuing to grow in size. The number of popular social networks is also continuing to grow. Standing alone, these conditions make it very difficult for your organization to focus your community (prospects, clients, fans, etc.) into any one area on […]

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Because of Your Community…

Building a community around your company,  mission and vision is much more important you think. It is a real representation of your brand. It is the fuel to achieving your vision. It empowers those that support your vision with a sense of belonging around the purpose you give to your community. A great example of […]

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Is Your Business Fully Engaged?

A recent study released by the Custom Content Council revealed that 61 percent of consumers feel positively about businesses that provide custom content and that they would be more likely to buy products or services from these businesses. This survey proves a common thought: engagement is critical to the success of any business. Customers want […]

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Who Are the People that Make Up Your Community?

In the last post I touched on the 4 P’s of any online community surrounding your organization which are Purpose, People, Platform and Process. Today I am going to cover an important aspect of People and why it plays such an important role in achieving your goals as an organization. Without engaging the people around your […]

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Does Your Organization Have a Sense of Community?

Did you ever wonder how some organizations, brands or people seem to continually attract a significant amount of loyal followers within a very short period of time? You see this a lot with industry experts that seem to pop out of no where and become someone that every knows and starts to follow. Think of […]

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