Your website is at the very center of your brand. What it means. What it stands for. Everything from the design of your website to how it functions will play an enormous role in how effective you are at influencing website visitors to take action. In today’s world it goes even beyond that. Your website needs to support your business process, become integrated with the outside world (i.e. social media), optimized for mobile devices and provide a memorable experiences to visitors. All of these elements are critical in assuring that your website becomes a true asset to your business, not just a nice looking web page.

We are not your typical, “let’s build your website to look nice”, type of company. The methodology we’ve designed around our website development services assures your website actually produces desired business objectives.

Let’s take a deeper look.


Think mission, vision, goals, business objectives and how you want to feel like when your website is truly working for you. Your Phase 2 Solutions advisor will sit with you to help define and document all of the elements that make up your purpose. Once we have these elements in place we will be able to define all of the other parts of your digital marketing strategy, including website development services, that will be used to achieve everything defined in your purpose.


Here we are referring to the people in and around your organization that can help you achieve your business objectives. Think referral sources, clients, stakeholders, staff, influencers and connectors. Defining the groups of people that can support your business objectives will lay the foundation for where and how we engage these groups of people in the digital world. It also includes the proper team of website development and digital marketing professionals to deliver on your strategy.


Platform defines all of the places that need to be setup to attract and engage the people that can help you achieve your business objectives. Think website, social networks, online community, blog, mobile app, CRM software, etc. Your Phase 2 Solutions advisor will determine the right platform for your website and the necessary integrations to support your business objectives.


Process defines the activities that are required to assure we are engaging the right people on the right platforms to achieve your purpose. Think social media updating, sending email campaigns, search engine marketing, online community management, etc. Your Phase 2 Solutions advisor will define the process around your website to make sure it is measurable and actually achieving the business objectives you’ve defined in your purpose.

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